Service & Support


MDConsults can be accessed through web at, without any installation. The mobile application can be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple Store. In case you want to install MDConsults on your local server, please contact your local distributor


Customization of MDConsults processes can be done to fit with the existing procedures in the clients’ organization. Any customization is requested through your local distributor, however the changes are made by Tech4Life Enterprises. No customization is made in the structure of the software.

Training of master trainers

Your local distributor provides training of Master trainers for use of MDConsults in the organization. Kindly contact your distributor with such requests.

Trouble shooting

Your local distributor provides troubleshooting for minor problems with MDConsults. In case of major problem, your distributor will seek help from Tech4Life Enterprises. Kindly contact your distributor with any troubleshooting requests.

Query form for requesting support


1.1 How is MDConsults different from other Telemedicine solutions?

MDConsults is the first ever Mobile telemedicine solution. Unlike the other available software, MDConsults incorporates Store-and-forward telemedicine, image management and live consultations on a single platform. The program works independent of hardware and connectivity.

1.2 Is MDConsults a standardized Telemedicine platform?

MDConsults follow major Health care IT standards like HL7 and DICOM. The software will also be made compatible with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Standardized by November 2015.

1.3 What are the bandwidth requirements for MDConsults?

Store-and-Forward Telemedicine can work in as low as 100 Kbps, while Live Consultation can work at 256 Kbps.

1.4 How is MDConsults a complete Telemedicine solution?

MDConsults provide 3 tier model (web based, Health provider app and a personal care app). It has features, such as store and forward, Image management and live consultation, MDConsults bring patients, primary health providers and specialists on one platform.

1.5 Does MDConsults use open-source platforms?

Yes, MDConsults is developed using PHP programming and MySQL databases. The mobile version uses Android platforms. Basic version of MDConsults is also available as Free and Open Source version on with limited features.

2.1 What licensing packages are available for MDConsults?

MDConsults provides three licensing packages.
a)   The 10 users package costs $2,500 with 100 free smartphone applications for Health providers;
b)   20 users package costs $4,200 with 200 free applications.
c)   50 users package costs $10,800 with 500 free applications. These packages can be renewed every year.

2.2 Where can the MDConsults licenses be purchased?

MDConsults licenses can be purchased from the local distributors in your country. You may also contact Tech4Life directly if a distributor is not available in your area. See details on

2.3 Where can the MDConsults application be purchased?

MDConsults Health Provider app can be purchased from Google Play store. The application for Health providers costs $ 4.95, while the application for Community users is free of cost.

2.4 How do I connect my MDConsults app with a hospital for teleconsultation?

The hospitals that intend to provide teleconsultation will provide their users a telemedicine network code which needs to be entered into their personal applications. This will connect them to the hospitals.

3.1 How can I install MDConsults on my computer or mobile?

MDConsults is a web based telemedicine solution available on You do not need any installation for MDConsults. In order to avail all the features, your browser needs to be updated and with all required plugins, such as Java version ___. You can download MDConsults mobile application from Google Play store. The application requires Android version 4.2.1 or higher to operate with full functionality.

3.2 Where is MDConsults hosted and where does the data gets stored?

MDConsults is hosted by Cloud service in USA. A hosted version of MDConsults is also available if the clients are interested in hosting it locally. The data gets stored on the cloud server as well, but it can also be stored on the local servers.

3.3 Can I host MDConsults on my local server?

Yes, but for that you need to have your own host. If you have your own cloud, MDConsults will host with your domain.

3.4 Can I store my data on the local server?

Yes, data can be locally stored if you have your own server or data center.

4.1 Who should I contact for troubleshooting with MDConsults?

For the 1st level support you can contact your local distributor in the country, or approach the support team of MDConsults on

4.2 What do I do if the problem is not solved by the distributor?

You can ask your distributor to connect you to the support team of MDConsults. You also have the choice to contact the support team directly on or Skype: support.mdconsults